NAFAUM News Coverage (Day 3)

Buenaventura visits NAFAUM Convocation

5 January- Unprecedented events took place today in the convocation of the National Association of Filipino American United Methodists (NAFAUM) in Central United Methodist Church, Manila, Philippines.

Bishop Arichea led the NAFAUM delegation into a moment of prayer together with Rev. George Buenaventura

In the second study of a three-part Bible study series, the Rev. Daniel Arichea, Retired Bishop of the UMC emphasized the call for the Church to express love in more tangible ways amidst the diversity within. Themed as “Therefore Go in Unity”, Arichea expounded on the writings of Paul to the Corinthians. After expounding over the diversity of spiritual gifts among the believers in 1 Corinthians 12, he furthered that as per the succeeding chapter of the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians, such gifts are nonsense and futile if not used inspired and motivated by love towards God and towards one another. He points out that such love includes loving beyond economic, social, political and even between gender lines.

In addition, Arichea highlighted the parallelism between the Corinthian church and the Philippine Methodist church of today as he claimed that the divisions within the former are also present in the later. He added that the reason of such is the absence of authentic love within the church.

In response, delegates shared their opinions and laments over the state of the church. One of the issues pointed out is that of the Ang Iglesia Metodista sa Pilipinas (AIMP) that decided to form a new organization away from that of the United Methodist Church.

The Rev. George Buenaventura on his greetings to the NAFAUM delegation

After the study, the Rev. George Buenaventura, one of the leaders of AIMP was warmly welcomed in the plenary. Buenaventura extended the greetings of his denomination to the delegates, and wished them the best as the delegates confer together. In response, the delegates, inspired by the lecture of Arichea calling for the church to love, joined hands and prayed, also led by Arichea. ###

Richard Mel Caplis

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