The 35th National Youth Conference

What is NYC?

On January 1951, the first National Youth Conference (NYC) of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines (UMYFP) was held under the leadership and supervision of the General Conference Board of Education. This 4-day conference which gathered three hundred United Methodist Youth Leaders from all over the Philippines elected our fellowship’s first National President, La Verne Mercado, who later became a Bishop of our church.

Throughout the years, the NYC has been a foundational leadership training program of our fellowship. Each NYC, a great number of youth leaders from all over the country gather together to share experiences, contribute new ideas and build relationship that help our organization in achieving and fulfilling our supreme task: To know Christ and make Him known.

The NYC has a proven track record of producing equipped and empowered leaders not just of our fellowship but of our church as a whole as well. It provides great opportunities for the young leaders to be engaged in the different ministries of our church – and paves a way for some of its delegates to recognize and answer God’s call to enter the full-time ministry as pastors and deaconesses.

And that is why as we convene the National Youth Conference this biennium, we aim to uphold its legacy of equipping and electing National youth leaders that are committed and dedicated in fulfilling the vision, mission and goals of our fellowship and of our church. Produce and train youth leaders emulating the example of Jesus Christ who came to serve although He was God’s son and was thus more powerful than any other leader in the world.