The National UMYFP Sunday

As approved and through a resolution during the
2nd NYCM (2010 2012) in The United Methodist Church, Taytay, Rizal, the NUMYFP Sunday shall be celebrated and observed every third Sunday of January.

The following are the objectives and the reminders for the said celebration:

1. Please coordinate properly and politely the celebration of the NUMYFP Sunday to all the church workers. Seek the approval of concerned and authorized person/s (CFA chairperson, church council chairperson and church workers) for the collection of the special offering.
2. This is in commemoration of the First National Conference of the Methodist Youth Fellowship held on January 1952.
3. We strongly encourage the local levels to collect a special offering during the NUMYFP Sunday.
4. The collected offerings will be forwarded to the National UMYFP to be used for the 35th National Youth Conference this April.
5. The NUMYFP will provide an available Worship Liturgy as an option to be used for the said NUMYFP Sunday.

Download: NUMYFP Sunday Liturgy and Memo


Contributor of the Month

Di Ann, 24, is a native of Ilocos Sur but is currently working in San Fernando, La Union. She is a former employee of ABS-CBN. After graduating in communications, she decided to explore the world of media and pursue a job in the industry. Apart from her job, she is also involved in the ministries of the church particularly in her annual conference where she externalizes her passion for people.

Di Ann identifies music and singing to be her first love next to reading books and writing. Her writings are inspired by her own experiences and of the people around her. She finds writing as her way of sharing her life to other people.

Aside from bending time to feed her soul through writing and reading, Di Ann also loves coffee and is a big fan of brewed. Books, coffee and writing, apart from the people she loves to hang out with, are three of the warmest companions she considers.

Dreaming of one day she will become a news writer or a news reporter, she also plans to pursue Masters in Journalism.

Download the file: UMYFP Devotions_December

The Global Young People’s Convocation 2018

The following youth leaders are chosen to represent the UMYFP and part of the Team Pinas who will attend the  Global Young People’s Convocation (GYPC) which will be held on July 18-22, 2018 at the Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.

What is GYPC?
GYPC is the global event of United Methodist young people that happens once every four years for the purpose of:

  • Celebrating the mission and vitality of young people in the United Methodist Church
  • Raising the joys and concerns of young people from the global community
  • Developing young people as leaders for effective ministry in local churches and communities of faith
  • Highlighting emerging trends in youth and young adult ministry
  • Providing a common forum that embraces the global reality of the church.

How to Donate?
You can help the delegates realize this endeavor by helping them to raise funds to defray their necessary expenses (event registration and program) or through any form of donations.  Ensuing are the bank details where you can send your financial assistance.

 Account Name: National United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines or NUMYFP
 Peso Account Number: 3063 6084 66
 Dollar Account Number: 3064 1063 09
 Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

Contact us:


Larren Jo Basilio West Middle Philippines Annual Conference, National UMYFP Voting Delegate
Richard Mel Caplis Northwest Philippines Annual Conference, National UMYFP Voting Delegate
Eileen Maglanque Middle Philippines Annual Conference, National UMYFP Voting Delegate
Di Ann Sanidad Northwest Philippines Annual Conference Voting Delegate
Patricia Nissi Loyola Richard Mel Caplis Rizal Philippines Annual Conference East Voting Delegate
Camille Manangan Quezon City Philippines Annual Conference East Non-Voting Delegate
Katrina Dyangco Philippines Annual Conference Non-Voting Delegate
Marian Muñoz Pangasinan Philippines Annual Conference Non-Voting Delegate
Renz Caducoy Mindanao Philippines Annual Conference Non-Voting Delegate