Boundless Love

dd31 “So he got up and went to his father. “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him” he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him. -Luke 15:31 (NIV)


Why do we love? There is a love that we can never compare to anyone. It is the love, which have no boundaries and no conditions. This is the love that nobody can do. It is God’s love.

A son sets off for a distant country and walked around, waste wealth on wild living and spent everything for himself. Then when he felt in need, he find himself hired to a citizen and sent him to feed the pigs. He was hopeless, feeding the pigs won’t give him anything to live but to suffer and eat nothing. When he was feeling discouraged, he sets himself to go back to his father and dealt himself unworthy to be called as son and be a hired servant. But when he got back, long way off to his father, he was shocked, he found his father running towards him with compassion. He threw his arms around him and kissed him. The father had the urge of having an feat and celebrate and said, “For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found” (Luke 15:24, NIV)

A child that is once was lost but was found because of repentance. It helps us think that there is hope for everyone. Even if you have committed sins and you’ve walked through the wrong way, God was never indifferent. He did not choose whom to love, but He loved everyone. Everyone who calls unto him will be saved (Acts 2:21). He has promised to give us hope for tomorrow. We are not forgotten and he saves us from the bondage of sin (Exodus 6:6).

Whenever we feel so hopeless and we thought we are unworthy, look up to God and have a deep prayer. He will give you hope that will lead to a life that is full of love and joy, and he will make you strong and worthy to be loved. So why do we love? Because He loved us first! This is the boundless love of God.

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