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Contributor of the Month

Dorothy Angeles is from Bulacan, Philippines. She is a 21 year-old worship leader, guitarist, youth leader, a disciple and a disciple-maker. She loves music and travelling. Dorothy finished Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration major in Management. She believes that every young people must know and be trained how to handle their finances properly, regardless of their status in life and their age.

At present, Dorothy is a freelance translator while starting to engage in an international business with her mentors. Her personal mission in life is to always add value to people. She is a dreamer and she loves supporting people in getting their dreams.

Her life verse is Joshua 1:9: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, never get discouraged. For I, the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Download the file: UMYFP Devotions_October

Devotions September 2017

Contributor of the Month

Isiah Marie C. Rasalan, 20 years old, is the eldest of three children of Marcel and Fil-Amie C. Rasalan. She has a little brother and a little sister. The Kamuning First United Methodist Church in Quezon City is her home church. She is currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. She had been an officer of the Kamuning First United Methodist Youth Fellowship for the past 5 years, and is currently the vice president of the group. She is also involved as the vice president of the Ichthus, the UMYFP Movement of UPLB. She is about to end her term as the Finance Executive of the Young Entrepreneur’s Society UP, and is a member of the UNESCO Club UPLB.

Her life, however, does not really revolve around where she studies or what she is taking up. In fact, she does not have plans on pursuing medicine; instead she is really eager to take up law. Her heart has always been passionate about it, as she has always pictured herself entering public service. What really drives her is her love for the community. She has always been inspired to help other people, especially children and those who are in need. She finds joy in teaching Sunday school and community – hopping with the Ichthus group to teach children in the community.

In everything she does, she always tries to be vigilant that she acts the way God wants and instructed her to be. For the rest of her life, it will always be a joy for her to serve the Lord in any way she can. And for all the achievements she may have, it will always be for the glory of God, and God alone! For everything that is mentioned above, it is God that she wishes to be glorified.

Download the file: UMYFP Devotions_September

Devotions August 2017

Contributor of the Month

Janeson Agtarap Maggay is a youth leader from the North Central Philippines Annual Conference (NCPAC) and the son of the former District Superintendent of the Isabela North District, Rev. Nena A. Maggay. An alumnus of the University of the Philippines Los Baños with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology Major in Microbiology. He, by the grace of God, will be an incoming Medical Student this August 2017.

Along with the youth leaders in their church, they are in the frontline in discipling the youth in their community. As they are developing their program for their covenant discipleship ministry, they encountered difficulties with materials and other relevant tools for their programs which pressed him to seek support from different people and organizations. Eventually, his non-stop insistence to people to actively answer to God’s call for action paid off and he along with other leaders are now writing materials not only for devotion but for discipleship as well.

Currently, their programs are actively being implemented in their church resulting to a great increase of dynamic and dedicated youth in the service of Christ. They are now hoping to expand the kingdom of God through their works and encouraging other UMYF to be with their journey as well.

Download the file: UMYFP Devotions_August