Constitutional Amendment 2014

According to the UMYFP Constitution and By-laws, in Section 1. Revision of the Constitution, that “The Constitution shall not be revised within eight (8) years after its ratification. However, amendment to this constitution can be made four years after the ratification and every two years thereafter.”

Last 32nd National Youth Conference, April 2012, the Constitutional Convention shall be made during the 33rd National Youth Conference.

This coming 33rd National Youth Conference, on April 7-10, 2014, the Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision will preside at the time of convention through its chairperson to talk about the final draft of the approved amendments and revisions for circulation in the lower levels. (UMYFP Constitution and By-Laws Article XV Section 3)

Article XV


Proposed Amendments

Any amendment to this Constitution may be proposed by:

a. The Youth Conference in any level of the Fellowship upon two-thirds (2/3) vote of all its voting members present in its session.

2. Any duly registered voting member of the Constitutional Convention.

Download this Constitutional Amendment Form.Constitutional Amendments Form

Instructions and Guidelines:

  1. Please print this form and fill it up properly and legibly.
  2. There must be two (2) sponsors of the amendment and should be a bonafide member of the UMYFP.
  3. This form is null and void if without the name and signature of the Annual Conference President.
  4. Only one item or section for amendment is allowed in one form, e.g: Article VII; Section 1, ArticleVII; Section 2A, Article VII; Section 2B. You may use another form for other item or section.
  5. Deadline of submission of this form is on the 4TH NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL MEETING (2014).
  6. All petitions for amendment are subject to deliberation and approval by the members of the Constitutional Amendments Committee.

Please be guided accordingly.



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