Our Vision, Mission and Goals


The UMYFP as a welcoming and spirit-filled community of faith composed of empowered leaders, dedicated and equipped members who are active in discipleship making and missions with fruitful and relevant programs that seeks to create a transformed world.



The UMYFP committed in winning souls, connecting them to the body of Christ, training leaders and sending them to all nations.




  • To uphold and practice the teachings of John Wesley under the sovereignty of God
  • To instill and live by the Wesleyan Quadrilateral (Scripture, Reason, Tradition and Experience)


  • Personal Holiness – To live a Spirit-filled life anchored in constant prayer, passionate Bible-reading and heartfelt worship manifested in everyday life. Piety
  • Social Holiness – To live a life sensitive and responsive towards social justice.


  • To connect with different churches, institutions, organizations and create programs relevant in transforming the Nation

R-Rules and Order

  • To adhere and live accordingly with the teachings of the Book of Discipline and UMYFP Constitution and By-Laws.

E-Excellent Leadership

  • To nurture equipped leaders
  • To develop new generation of leaders

F-Fishers of Men

  • To establish Care Groups addressing the specific needs of the young people geared towards saving the lost and empowering the saved
  • To produce empowered young people pioneering intentional discipleship in all walks of life.


  • To engage the young people to ministries outside the church to fully understand the call to disciple.

R-Rooms for Ministry

  • To engage the young people to specific ministries appropriate to their calling

E-Extravagant Giving

  • To devote quality time in the ministry of the organization, making God priority; best talents glorifying God to which they are called to and; wholeheartedly giving tithes & treasure for the advancement of God’s kingdom


  • To bear in mind the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, freely given to all mankind, leading to a transformed life full of compassion, love and good deeds.


  • To establish an environment which exemplifies open doors embracing the sinners and new believers), open heart (loving the unloved, the least, the last and the lost) and open minds (unity in diversity).

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