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Programs and Activities

Linking young people in the information superhighway. It is also a venue for discussions and updates among UMYFers.

National Youth Council Meeting

A regular meeting of the national and annual conference leaders that takes place twice in every conference year. It is an opportunity for the leaders for training, fellowship and to hear and evaluate reports.

National Youth Conference

This is the biggest national gathering of the UMYFP in a biennium. Around 200 youth leaders, youth workers from districts and annual conferences come together to celebrate the life and works of the fellowship. This is also the time of electing the national leadership and planning for the program thrust of the ensuing biennium.

Area-wide Christmas Institute Leadership Training

A leadership training intended for leaders and youth workers of the annual conferences who shall lead the yearly Christmas Institute. This event happens in each Episcopal area.

100 Faces of Alumni and Professionals

A fundraising project that aims to gather alumni and professionals within the organization who shall contribute at least P1000.00. Ten percent of the contribution shall go to the endowment fund of the fellowship and 90% shall be added to the program funds. Donors can choose the programs they want to support.

Awit Kay Yahweh Song Writing Competition

A nationwide songwriting competition showcasing the musical and creative talents of young people from different annual conferences all over the Philippines.

Membership Survey and ID

Creation of membership database and issuance of uniform identification cards with unique ID numbers to every UMYF in the grassroots.

PANANAW Literary Awards

Another program that discovers and enhances the talents of young people in writing poetry and essay; photography and producing documentary focused on social issues.

Mga Hakbang sa Pananampalataya

Formulation of a comprehensive curriculum for youth that provides avenues for the wholistic development and use it as the basis for producing resources materials for Bible study, program planning and implementation of activities.

Publication of Resources

The UMC has been blessed with talented writers — pastors, deaconesses and lay persons alike — who can write bible study materials and discipleship resources, which are distinctly Methodist, for the benefit of the Methodist youth. These resources will continue to empower the discipleship of young people.


Pananaw is the official newsletter of the NUMYFP. It published twice in every conference year and serves as a venue for young people’s vision, inspiration and information.

M.Y. Link

An e-mail link to the Methodist youth leaders in the annual conferences regarding the programs and projects of the national UMYFP. It is published once in every two months.

Exchange Delegates

During Summer Institutes, there will be exhange of delegates and officers from one annual conference to another so young people can expand their understanding of the ministries in different contexts.


A gathering of students for campus leadership training and fellowship. It is held once in two years alternating with the National Youth Conference.

OSY Ministry

As a way to demonstrate social holiness among young people in and outside the church, the UMYFP extends its ministries to out of school youth by providing them training on practical issues of young people their age.

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