Pananaw is the official name of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines’ (UMYFP) newsletter. Pananaw is a Filipino word for vision. It primarily serves not only the voice but the eyes of the Fellowship.Pananaw is a newsletter of, by and for the UMYFP. It is published four times a biennium under the Education Department.

A brief history

Pananaw was originally established in the 1970s. It served as the voice of the Methodist young people in issues concerning the church, the society and the government. It also became an instrument in transmitting information of truth and letters of justice during the years of Martial Law. It was in its truest sense, a revolutionary paper where militant perspectives were given way to enlighten and disseminate information of truth and righteousness.

The newsletter continued to publish for many years sustaining its true essence of being the avenue of United Methodist young people’s visions and advocacy. However, due to some constraints, it folded in the year 2000 following the leadership vacuum in the national level.

The 27th National Youth Conference (NYC) Education workgroup planned the revival of newsletter but due to financial and leadership crisis, the revival was not realized.

In the aim that the NUMYFP will again have its newsletter that will embody the Fellowship’s visions written as news, feature, literary and commentary articles, the 28th NYC Education workgroup pushed Pananaw‘s final come back in the ministry of the UMYFP. It was initially manned by a ten-member editorial board coming from different Annual Conferences. Moreover, as part of its revival, Pananaw started to carry a seal of its existence.

During the convening of the 2004 Philippines Central Conference, Pananaw continued the legacy of being the newsletter of the Conference covering the day to day news and actions. It also printed the insights and advocacies of United Methodist young people.

From 2004, the revived Pananaw has continued to publish visions of, by and for the Fellowship.

The Pananaw seal

Pananaw SealAs part of the fulfillment of the functions of the Education Department, Pananaw carries a seal of its existence in relation to the holistic ministry of UMYFP.

The fish represents God as the ultimate source of wisdom and he who reigns over us; and the UMYFP motto, “Christ Above All.”

The UMYFP logo represents the fellowship as the governing body of Pananaw, being its official newsletter.

The UMYFP logo forms an eye with the fish and since pananaw means vision, it represents that Pananaw embodies the visions of the Fellowship.

The five veins represent the five areas where we have visions of: the fellowship, the church, the nation, the world, and ourselves. They also represent our connectivity with Christ as the ultimate source of wisdom and connectivity with the fellowship itself.

The green color (color of the veins) represents hope for the realization of the UMYFP visions; the blue color (color of the fish) represents the royalty of Christ who in hand is working with us.

Purposes and objectives

Pananaw, serving as the information arm of the National UMYFP, seeks to fulfill and strengthen the following purposes and objectives as declared by the Fellowship:

  1. to undertake the supreme task: to know Christ and make Him known;
  2. to advocate for youth and the concerns of the youth within the UMC;
  3. to empower youth as full participants in the life and mission of the UMC;
  4. to be a forum for the expression of youth needs and concerns; and
  5. to be the primary tool for the information dissemination and awareness-building among the lower level fellowships and the National UMYFP.

Contents and circulation

Pananaw contains

  1. UMYF and Church news
  2. Feature articles geared toward: spiritual growth, Christian formation, leadership empowerment, evangelism, outreach, and social concern and action
  3. youth perspective on church and societal issues
  4. literary articles
  5. devotional articles
  6. announcements
  7. columns

Pananaw is distributed to every local church all over the Philippines and to UMC agencies and institutions free of charge. It is also published online through this site and electronic copies are posted in the

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