The National UMYFP Sunday

As approved and through a resolution during the
2nd NYCM (2010 2012) in The United Methodist Church, Taytay, Rizal, the NUMYFP Sunday shall be celebrated and observed every third Sunday of January.

The following are the objectives and the reminders for the said celebration:

1. Please coordinate properly and politely the celebration of the NUMYFP Sunday to all the church workers. Seek the approval of concerned and authorized person/s (CFA chairperson, church council chairperson and church workers) for the collection of the special offering.
2. This is in commemoration of the First National Conference of the Methodist Youth Fellowship held on January 1952.
3. We strongly encourage the local levels to collect a special offering during the NUMYFP Sunday.
4. The collected offerings will be forwarded to the National UMYFP to be used for the 35th National Youth Conference this April.
5. The NUMYFP will provide an available Worship Liturgy as an option to be used for the said NUMYFP Sunday.

Download: NUMYFP Sunday Liturgy and Memo

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